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Campus Phones - Frequently Asked Questions

Reminder:  Your mailbox can now hold unlimited new and archived messages. Messages can be archived for 60 days, (then they will disappear without any warning). Requests for new voicemail boxes must be emailed to the Help Desk by your department office. (We do not take requests over the telephone).

  • Why does my phone just ring and ring and voicemail does not pick up?
      • You no longer have Call Forward-No Answer turned on. Pick up the handset and dial *3 (hear beep, beep, beep), dial 3535 over the beeps. You will hear a steady tone which means it is set.
  • Why does my voicemail does not pick up when I am on the phone (the caller just gets a busy signal)?
      • You no longer have Call Forward-Busy turned on. Pick up handset and dial *1 (hear beep, beep, beep), dial 3535 over the beeps. You will then hear a steady tone which means it is set.
  • How do I check my voicemail from home or off-campus?
      • When checking your voicemail from home or off-campus, dial (541) 463-3535, when prompt starts, press # over her voice. She will them ask for your mailbox number.
  • I can’t remember my security code!
      • Send an email to requesting a security code reset. You will receive a reply when the security code has been set to the initial default security code.
  • I am on a shared extension and my message waiting light is on. How do I know who has the message?
      • Once you dial 3535, the system will announce which mailboxes have messages, then you will be prompted to enter your mailbox number. The message waiting light will stay lit until that person has listened to their message.
  • How do I fast-forward through a message I don't want to listen to?
      • Press 7 to skip to the next message.
      • Press 4 to delete the message.
      • Press 6 to save the message.
  • I want to skip someone's greeting and leave a message right away.
      • When you start to hear their greeting, press the # key and start leaving your message right after the beep. (If they have recorded an Out-of-Office greeting you will not be able to skip through it).
  • I erased a message, can I get it back?
      • Yes. If you have not ended the voicemail session, you can press 7 to recover messages marked for deletion.
  • I am going on vacation and don't want any messages left in my mailbox while I am gone?
      • Go into your mailbox and create a greeting in the out-of-office greeting section. Then call the Telecommunications Office at x5565 so the class of service on your mailbox can be changed to block incoming messages. Make sure that your greeting includes an option for them to call someone else.
  • My telephone is in a shared office. The call is for someone else on this number. How do I transfer them to their voicemail?
      • With the caller on the line, press TRANSFER or FLASH, dial 7000, enter your extension and hang up. The caller will be connected to the callers menu on that extension and be able to leave a message for the correct person.
  • I have just listened to a saved message and still want to save it. The system does not ask me to save it again, how do I continue?
    • At the end of the message, press 7 and you can skip to the next message. It will leave the saved message in the saved portion of your mailbox.
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