Process for updating macOS on LCC owned Apple Mac devices

Lane Community College's IT department requires all Macs and MacBooks on the network to be kept up to date with the latest macOS updates to ensure data insurance and network security requirements are met. Since 2017 the LCC IT department has utilized Mosyle Manager, a mobile device management platform designed specifically for macOS, to manage and enforce policies on Macs and MacBooks.

One of the key tools that Mosyle Manager offers is the ability to manage MacOS updates.Customization and scripting with this tool allows IT administrators to pre cache the latest macOS updates onto the devices in advance of rolling out the updates to users. This is done to ensure that the updates are available to users as soon as they are authorized for release by LCC IT, without any delays or interruptions due to slow Internet connections or other technical issues.

Once a macOS update has been pre cached on the device, custom Mosyle processes detect that the file exists and verify file integrity of its SHA-256 fingerprint.  After the cached file is present and verified the target Mac is dynamically added to a group to trigger Nudge, a notification app, to notify the user that an update is available. Nudge provides a subtle reminder to users to install the update at their convenience and gives LCC IT the option to set a time frame for completion. Users can initiate the update process by simply clicking on the "Update Computer" button on the notification.  An option to defer the update is given and Nudge will notify again once that deferral period has been reached.When Nudge notifies you that the days remaining to update, as determined by Apple macOS release schedules and LCC IT evaluation, you will be forced to update macOS in order to remove the Nudge reminder from your screen.

Clicking the "Update ComputeLane Community College Mosyle Managerr" button triggers Mosyle Manager to execute for the user to open Self-Service.  In the section "My Scripts" the upgrade to macOS will be available.  Clicking on the "Execute Now" button under the macOS update will start the process.  The user will be asked to enter their login credentials to proceed.  Administrative rights are not required for the process to continue.  Dialog windows will show update process and the Mac will reboot and complete the update.

By utilizing Mosyle and Nudge applications, Lane Community College's IT department ensures that all Macs and MacBooks on the network are kept up to date with the latest macOS updates, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities and data breaches. This proactive approach to managing updates also helps to minimize the impact of updates on user productivity, as updates can be installed at the user's convenience, rather than during critical work hours.

Any questions concerning this process should be directed to the IT Helpdesk by email at or by phone at 541-463-4444.

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