Banner Training

Everything You Need to Know About Banner Training

How do I access Banner? 

You can access Banner by going to

For testing and training, only use Test Banner. 

What's the Difference between Test Banner and Native Banner? 

Native Banner is the production database access through banner supplied menus.

Test Banner is a saved copy of the Native Banner data base for a certain point of time in the past, and is a place for testing new versions of Banner programs without affecting real data.

Which Software Supports Banner? 

Banner is only supported by Internet Explorer. This means that Banner can only be accessed through a Windows computer. 

Who do I contact about Banner Access/Training? 

For Banner Training in the Student Module, Contact Darlene Baker at  

For Banner Access, check this list:

What if my function keys don't act as expected?

If your F5 key is not drilling down as expected to the options, check to see if you have a function lock key, pressing it again will revert your function keys back to normal.

Additionally, if your function keys have been changed in the settings, here is a link to walk you through putting them back

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