Logging in to student Google Workspace account on Chrome
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Description: How to log in with your Student Google Workspace account using the Google Chrome web browser
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How to make sure you are logged into the right Google account. PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are for the Google Chrome web browser.

If you are having trouble accessing assignments on Moodle because you need access, follow these steps.

1. If the "You need access" window shows up while you are trying to open an assignment, example, document, etc. it means you're logged in with the incorrect Google Workspace account.

You need access window

2. Usually your teacher will let you know that you need to be logged in with your student Google workspace account to view assignments.

teacher Moodle example

3. By default, the indicator of whether you are logged into your student account is the circle icon in the top-right with your first initial (the color may vary). If you have added an image to your account it will display the image you set it to.

highlighted circle icons

4. The circle in the top right shows which account you are logged into, (this is what your teacher means by “make sure you are logged in with your student or lane account”.) If it does not show your email address you can add your lane account or choose the right account from the “Other People” options. Under "Other People" choose the plus (+) sign with the word "Add".

Google accounts window

5. Type in the name for your account and choose an icon. Then click the "Add" button in the bottom right.

add button highlighted

6. You will see a window with the text "Make Chrome your own". Make sure to select the "Already a Chrome user? Sign in" link underneath the "Get Started" button. 

highlighted sign in link

Type in your student email address (for example and password.

email input field

5. It is also a good habit to make sure you are logged into the correct Google Workspace account. Click the profile circle in the top right to open the Google accounts window. If you’re not already logged in you can add your student Gmail account so that you can switch between your school and personal accounts.

Google accounts window with arrows

6. Google Workspace has a lot of great apps similar to Microsoft Office that you can use for free as a student. Sometimes your teacher will want you to submit or open assignments in Google Workspace so it is good to become familiar with your Google apps.

Google apps window with highlights

Have a great term!


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