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Description: How to use the print services at Lane.
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How to Print at Lane

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Printing at Lane Community College

Technology fee-paying students will be awarded a $10 credit for printing every academic quarter including summer in their TitanPrint account. Students can add additional funds to their account by paying online through the online portal, Touchnet. Please be aware that ALL student-added funds expire at the end of the academic year and that all print credit funds expire at the end of each quarter. Students will be charged $.07 per page for black and white copies and $.25 per page for color, with a small discount for duplex printing. Unused print credits are non-refundable and do not carry over from term to term, but money paid in by the student will carry over to the end of the academic year.

The project is part of Lane’s sustainability goals and provides expanded printing options, elimination of printing limits, and raises awareness of printing costs. TitanPrint puts our students in control of their printing.

Please note: The generic login (L88888888) will no longer allow printing. Anyone needing to use the generic login will still be able to log in and utilize computers on campus, but will not have the ability to print. If printing is needed, simply log in with your Lnumber and password or visit the learning commons and they will be able to assist with printing needs. 

TitanPrint allows you, as a student at Lane Community College, to use several printers and copiers across campus. Each term you'll receive a $10 print credit (about 140 black and white, single-sided pages) through your Student Technology Fee.

Print jobs are sent from workstations in labs or from your computer to a print release station or straight to a printer. Jobs are then released and paid for using your TitanPrint credits.

How does TitanPrint work?

When you print a document, your print is routed to the nearest available printer. If printers are busy, you may need to release your job by logging into your TitanPrint account. In most labs other than the library your computer will print on the lab's printer. If you're on campus you can upload your document to your TitanPrint account and release the print job (document) up to 4 hours later. Each black and white page costs $0.07 per page, while color printing costs $0.25 per page. Double-sided (duplex) pages receive a 1 cent discount per side of a page.

As a student, you will receive $10 per term for printing. If you run out of credits, you must add funds to your TitanPrint account to continue printing. You can add funds with a credit card.

You can use your print allocation at locations around campus.

To view your print balance, visit the TitanPrint account page.

For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:
Academic Technology Center
(541) 463-3377

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