Contacting Your Instructor Before the Term Starts
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Description: Learn how to get in contact with your instructor before, during or after the term.

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How to Contact Your Instructor Before The Term Starts

Contacting your instructor via email

To contact your instructor prior to the term starting you can use email. Your student detail schedule, found in ExpressLane, lists each of your courses, as well as a mail to link.

  1. Log into ExpressLane, click Enrollment Services tab > Registration and Books and then Student Detail Schedule
  2. In the box labeled “General Enrollment Links” click on student detail schedule.
  3. Select your term.
  4. Find the instructor you would like to contact.
    • If you have a mail client on the computer you are using, click on the mail icon Email client icon next to their name.
    • If you do not or are unsure right-click on this icon Email client icon.(command/control-click on a computer) and select “Copy email address”.
  5. Once you have copied the email address paste it into your email’s “To” field.

 For further help contact:
           Student Help Desk
           (541) 463-3333

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