Disposing of Confidential Papers
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Description: Where on campus can I get rid of confidential papers?
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Where Can I Dispose of Confidential Papers?

What classifies a paper as confidential?

  • Signatures
  • Passwords/PINS
  • L#
  • SSN
  • Credit Card Numbers / Bank Account Numbers
  • Grades/Transcripts
  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Medical Reports
  • Name(s) + Address
  • Name(s) + Phone
  • Name(s) + Phone + Address

Locations to Dispose of Confidential Papers

  1. CEN 232, Copy Center in the back of the library. Located between the computers, there is a slot labeled Confidential Papers for Shredding Only.
  2. The SHeD’s front desk (the east end of the library) can shred the papers for you.

For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:
Student Help Desk
(541) 463-3333

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