Adobe Acrobat: Text-to-Speech Feature
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Description: Adobe Acrobat's Read Out Loud feature can help students with vision problems or reading difficulties.
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Adobe Acrobat Reader: Text-to-Speech Feature

Adobe Acrobat Reader XI and later versions have a read out loud feature.

There are a few things that must be in place for this feature to work.

The operating system must support text to speech applications. Windows 7, 8, and 10 all support text to speech. Mac OS versions 10.5 and later also support text to speech.

The PDF file must be searchable. To find out if the file is searchable, open the PDF file and click on the magnifying glass at the top. Locate a word in the PDF file text and enter it in the search box. If the word is highlighted in the document text, then you have a searchable file.

How to use Read out Loud
  • Make sure headphones or speakers are working
  • Open the PDF document in Acrobat Reader
  • Go to View – Read Out Loud – Activate Read Out Loud AND Choose:
    • Read This Page Only OR
    • Read to End of Document
  • To Pause Reading, go to View – Read Out Loud – Pause
  • To Stop Reading, go to View – Read Out Loud – Stop

For further help, leave a ticket, or contact:
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