Providing Moodle Access for Non-credit Continuing Education Classes
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Description:  How to set up a non-credit course so that moodle may be used and accessed by students
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Providing Moodle Access for Non-credit Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education (CE) courses are non-credit and do not require registration and enrollment through LCC Enrollment Services.  More information on the Continuing Education department may be found here.

CE has its own registration and enrollment system.  Students create a log in profile and enroll in CE courses through an application called Luminis. Whether the student is a non-credit student only or enrolled in credit classes registration and enrollment in a CE class only takes place on the CE enrollment page

Since CE courses are outside the LCC course enrollment system, CE course do not have a course reference number or CRN.  Students enrolling in CE courses do not need to use a ExpressLane L number and password.

However, if an instructor decides to use Moodle in their CE Course, then a CRN for a course and an L number and password become essential, since both are needed for student access to Moodle.  A CRN is necessary for the course to be visible in Moodle.  Students enrolled in the course will need an L number and password to be able to log into Moodle

To remedy the situation, CE administrative staff step in.  CE staff will build a CRN in Banner for the non-credit class. CE staff also create a ExpressLane account with L number and temporary password for each non-credit student who has not enrolled through LCC enrollment services. The student must then log into ExpressLane and change the password before they can access Moodle.

In summary, the CRN for a CE Moodle class is created in Banner by the CE administrative staff so that the class can be loaded into Moodle.  If a non-credit student who has never enrolled through Enrollment Services needs an L number and temporary password to access Moodle, CE staff will create it for them.   Credit students will use the L number and password from their ExpressLane account.

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