Frozen Application and Autorecovery on Library Macs
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Description: What to do if an application is frozen. 
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Frozen Application and Autorecovery on Library Macs

Note: Autorecovery will not work if the Mac has been shut down and restarted. 

Sometimes an application such as Powerpoint or Word will freeze up and the user will not be able to print or work on the document. Try to stop the application freeze with a force quit and then go to the autorecover folder to bring up the document.

Force Quit 

To force quit the application, you can click on apple icon at left top of page and choose Force quit from the menu. This will bring up the Force quit screen. Highlight the application you want to quit and click on Force quit at the bottom of the page.

You can also press command - Option - escape keys together. Command and Option are located on either side of the spacebar on the mac keyboard. Escape is located in the upper left hand corner.


Autosave happens every 10 minutes.  If you have been saving the file to some location (usb drive, Google docs) other than the local mac computer, the most you will lose is 10 minutes of work.  However, if you have only been working on the mac, you will need to retrieve the document from the Autosave folder, once the application is unfrozen. 

Use Finder to look for the autorecovered document if you know the name of the document. If you don't know the name of the document, then look for the document in the autorecovery folder for the application.

To get to a Word document, go to Library/Containers/

To get to a Powerpoint document use the same path but substitute for For Excel, substitute

Autosave will not work if the mac was shut down or restarted. It will not work if the file was abnormally closed.

For more info on force quit

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