Printing Tips to Save Money
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Description: Tips and tricks to spend less money on printing
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How to Save Money Printing at LCC

If you need any assistance with the following tips, please consult Student Help Desk staff if you are working at a library computer or a lab attendant if you are working in a computer lab.

Lane students who pay their technology fees are awarded $10 worth of printing credit per term. There are several ways to save money on printing, as outlined below.
  • Errors: Proofread your work carefully before printing. Although TitanPrint refunds are available for technical errors, refunds are not available for issues with formatting, spelling, grammar, or any error that occurs prior to pressing "print".
  • Double-sided printing: It is less expensive to print on both sides of the paper. Double-sided printing is 6 cents per page and single-sided is 7 cents per page.
  • Printing select pages on a web page: If you are printing specific pages from a web page, always open it in Print Preview. Look through the preview and locate the pages you want to print and print only those pages.
  • PDFs and Powerpoints: PDFs and Powerpoints can be printed with multiple slides or pages per sheet of paper. Double check, though, that the text is readable.
  • Printing long documents: If you are printing long documents of any sort, always be sure to look through it and print only the pages you need.
  • Black and white printing: Black and white printing is cheaper than color. To ensure you will not be charged for color printing, select black and white or grayscale on the print screen before printing.

For more information on printing, browse the articles in the printing category of the knowledgebase.


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