Retrieve Your College ID Number and Password
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Description: Links to articles on how to retrieve your ExpressLane number and password depending on your situation
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How to Retrieve College Identification "L" Number or ExpressLane Password

Retrieve your L Number -

If you can't remember your LaneCC ID number, retrieve it here:

Help: L Number Retrieval

Reset your Password from Security Questions -

If you have set up your security questions, and you remember the answers:

Help: Resetting your ExpressLane & Moodle Password via Security Questions

Get a new temporary password via email -

If you can access the email address we have on record:

Help: Resetting your ExpressLane and Moodle Password via Email

Change your password in ExpressLane - 

If you have your L#, but you can't reset your password with security questions OR email, you need to call Enrollment Services at (541) 463-3100

INACTIVE L# - If you have not taken classes at LaneCC in over a year, you will need to re-apply in order to reactivate your account: How to Reapply

For further help contact:
Student Help Desk
(541) 463-3333

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