Color/Black & White Printing
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Description: How to print in both black and white and color on PCs or Macs.

Printing on PCs or Macs:

1. Print Settings
Once on the print option menu, choose your print settings. To change the paper size find the paper size drop-down menu and select your needed size. If it doesn't show you will need to visit Printing & Graphics.

2. Black&White Printing
To print in Black&White go to room 232 in the Center building of the Library. Releasing it from one of the computers will send it to either of the printers in Black&White

3. Color Printing
To print in color visit room 200H in the Center building to the left of SHeD. 

Printing Rates

If you want to submit an order to be professionally printed, you may do so through Printing & Graphics.

More information on how to use the release stations and printing costs.

For further help, click Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:

Student Help Desk

(541) 463-3333


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