Resetting Your Password via Email
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Description: Directions to reset your password using your email address
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Change Your ExpressLane and Moodle Password via Email directions

Reset Your ExpressLane Password Without Answering Security Questions -- request a temporary password emailed to you.

If you have Security Questions created for your account and want to reset your password using your Security Questions, refer to this knowledgebase article: Resetting your Password via Security Questions

If you are able to enter ExpressLane and would simply like to change your password, refer to this knowledgebase article: Changing your ExpressLane and Moodle Password.

Step 1: Go to this link or copy and paste this into your browser:

Step 2: Enter L Number and Email Address. Click Submit.

  • Enter either your student email ( OR the email you used when you first enrolled as a student.

Step 4A No security questions

If the temporary password request was processed successfully, you should receive this message:


Step 3: Check your email for the password reset email from Lane Community College

This will take about 30 minutes.

If the email doesn't appear in your email box immediately, check your spam folder.

 *Yahoo users- Yahoo has strict filtering settings, so emails from Lane Community College may be delayed while they go through the filtering process. If it doesn't appear immediately, you may have to wait about an hour.

The email should look like this:


Highlight and Copy the temporary password (CTRL+C) -- it is outlined in yellow above. After copying the password, make sure you didn't copy in any extra space, and then click the link to ExpressLane. 

** Please note that you must use this temporary password within 24 hours; if you do not, you will need to do the reset password process again from the beginning **

Step 4: Login to ExpressLane using your L# and Temporary Password:

Paste (CTRL + V) the temporary password from the email in the Password box. Click login. 

login mylane temp password

Step 5: Click on Change Password in the Personal Information category on your ExpressLane homepage.

Step 6: Enter a new password

Copy and paste the temporary password one more time into the "Enter Old Password" box. 

Choose a new password:

  • Length of 12-16 characters
  • Must include at least 1 number and 1 letter
  • May include capital letters (the password is case-sensitive)
  • May not include symbols/special characters (!@#$%^&*)

update pin

Note: You will not see your passwords written out. You will only see black dots. 

Step 7: Confirmation. 


You will see that note if you have done everything correctly.

It could be 30 minutes for your new password to be recognized on ExpressLane, but it may take up to 1 hour. 

For further help contact:
Student Help Desk
(541) 463-3333

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