How to Find or Refer to LCC Locations and Prefixes
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Description: Prefix, List of Campus, Building, and Room Naming Conventions for Lane Community College campuses
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Find or Refer to Lane Community College Locations and Prefixes

How to Find or Refer to Lane Community College Locations:


How to Find or Refer to Lane Community College Locations:

A) General Naming Convention -

All LaneCC locations, including buildings, playing fields, and parking lots, are identified by a prefix that identifies the campus AND the facility on that campus.
For example, most buildings on the main campus are identified by the prefix LCC, followed by the building number: LCC01, LCC02, etc.

B) Campus prefixes -

The most common campus prefixes are:

  • LCC - Main campus
  • DCA - Downtown Campus
  • FLC - Florence Campus
  • CGC - Cottage Grove Campus


There are many more location prefixes pertaining to satellite locations and facilities where LaneCC courses and activities are held:

  • AVMT - LCC Aviation Maintenance
  • FIELD BASEBALL - Baseball diamond on main campus
  • FAIR ICE RINK - The ice rink at the fairgrounds

C) Room Naming Conventions -

All LaneCC rooms are identified by the location prefix, followed by a space and the room number.  Here are some examples:


  • LCC03 216 – Building 3, Boardroom
  • CEN 419B – Center Building Office, Room 419B
  • DCA 105 – Downtown Campus Classroom, Room 105
  • PARK A – Parking Lot A

Some instructors or staff will also list class locations by building and room this way

  • 2/214 - Building 2, Classroom 214

Main Campus Outdoor Spaces:

  • FIELD - Athletic PE/Fields
  • SOCCER - Soccer Field Turf
  • TRACK - Track
  • PARK - Parking Lots
  • PLAZA - Plaza
  • POND - Sewage Lagoons
  • TERRC - Terrace

Motor Pool

  • VEHC - Motor Pool Vehicles

Almost all buildings have a number, and sometimes this method is used.

Aviation Academy Campus -

  • FTO – Flight Technology Operations - Building 43
  • FTC  – Flight Technology Center -- Building 44
  • FTH – Flight Technology Hangar --Building 45
  • AVMT – Aviation Maintenance --Building 46
  • RTSH – Return to Service Hangar --Building 47

Cottage Grove Campus

  • CGC - Building 49

Downtown Campus:

  • DCA - Academic - Building 61
  • DCR - Residential - Building 62

Florence Campus:

  • FLC - Building 50

KLCC Building:

  • KLCC - Building 42

Main Campus:

  • CEN - The Center Building --Building 00
  • LCC01 - through LCC31 - Buildings 01 through 31

Service Buildings:

  • LCC23 - FMP Nursery --Building 23
  • LCC29 - Wastewater Treatment Plant --Building 29
  • LCC32 - FMP Grounds --Building 32
  • LCC33 - Test Cells – Kilns -- Building 33
  • LCC34 - HVAC Cooling Tower --Building 34
  • LCC35 - Theater Arts Storage --Building 35
  • LCC36 - Athletics Track Shed Storage --Building 36
  • LCC37 - East Greenhouse -- Building 37
  • LCC38 - Chemical Storage Facility -- Building 38


Prefix / Abbreviations for Locations


AVMT:  Aviation Maintenance Technology Classroom

CEN: Center Building (Lane main campus)

CGC:  Cottage Grove Center (Cottage Grove)

CGHS:  Cottage Grove High School (Cottage Grove)

DTC:  Downtown Campus (Eugene)

EHS:  Elmira High School (Elmira)

ESQ:  Emerald Square (Springfield)

FLC:  Florence Center Conference (Florence)

FTC:  Flight Technology Center (Eugene Airport)

FTO: Flight Technology Operations (Eugene Airport)

GRD:  Groomingdales (Springfield)

JMF:  Jean Marie Fabric (Springfield)

MAG:  Magpali Reiki Studio(Eugene)

MCAF: McAlexander Fieldhouse Classroom (Eugene Airport)

ORF:  Oregon Floral Classroom(Springfield)

OSU: Oregon State University (OSU campus)

PHMS:  Pleasant Hill Middle School

RCC:  Riverside Community Church of God  (Eugene)

RGC GOLF:  RiverRidge Golf Course (Eugene)

SHP POOL:  Sheldon Pool

SHS:  Springfield High School (Springfield)

SVF:  Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue (Florence)

TWC:  Tamarack Wellness Center (Eugene)

WCR:  Willamalane Community Rec Center (Eugene)

WILD: Wildish Building (Eugene) Building 40

WDC: Willamette Dental Clinic

WPH:  Walt's Photography (Eugene)

WSC:  Willamalane Adult Activity Center (Eugene)

TBA: To Be Announced


Combination of Letter Notes for Classes (Different departments may use different meanings)

$:  Additional fee required, ask department.

A:  Additional hours to be arranged

C:  For information, contact instructor. For description of Co-op, visit the web at

D:  Hours are determined by credits registered and decided between instructor and student.

E:  Placement test or prerequisite required

h:  Hybrid classes require in-class and online participation

L:  Lecture/lab

O:  Online course

P:  Pass/no pass option only

Q:  For available times, contact instructor or department.

S:  Self-paced class

T:  Telecourses have orientation sessions during the first week of the term. See

U:  You must be currently accepted into the program to register

V:  Live interactive course. See

W: Students not attending the first class meeting risk being dropped.

X:  Department permission required

Y:  Independent study

Z:  Consent of instructor required

*:  Pre-requisite required

+:  Must be taken in sequence


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