How to Self-Enroll into a Moodle Course
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Description: Self enrolling into moodle course
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How to Self-Enroll in a Moodle Course

How to Self-Enroll

1.Login to Moodle: Use your L-Number and your password. This will be the same combination used to access myLane.


2. Open the Course: Open the course by clicking on the course name. If you need to find the course, find the "Search courses:" section below the My Courses list.

Search for the course using the CRN of the class, a portion of the class name, or the instructor's last name (if applicable).

3. Navigate to Self-Enroll Page: Find the Setting block on the left or right side of the page, or docked on the top left. Select Settings > Course administration > Enroll me in this course.

4. Enroll in the course: To enroll into the course, simply click the “Enroll me” button as shown below. In example 1 below there is no enrollment key.

If an Enrollment key is required, like example 2, make sure you have received one from your instructor.

You will now be able to access the course.


For further help with Moodle, please contact:
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