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Description: Instructions on setting up a password for student information release
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How To Set Up Student Information Release with a Password

How to Set Up a Student Information Release Password 

1) Login to ExpressLane, Click on the "Enrollment Services" tab:

2) In the "Student Records" menu, click on "Student Information Release"

3) If you decide to disallow your directory information to be released, click on "restrict directory information:"

The default is to allow your directory information to be available. To see what type of general information can be released, select the Click Here For a Listing of Directory Information option. No sensitive student data will ever be released.


restrict directory information

Caution- If you decide to restrict your directory information, your name will show up as "Name Withheld" in your online Moodle courses. 


If you do decide to restrict your directory information, you can create a password that you can give out to trusted people and business to access your general information: 

4) Set up a Student Information Release Password: 

  • Just type in the password of your choosing and click submit password. You can change your password at any time.

example password


For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:
Student Help Desk
(541) 463-3333

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