Zoom FAQ
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Description: A guide to logging in and using Zoom cloud meetings
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Zoom FAQ

Table of contents:

What is Zoom?

Where do I download Zoom?

How do I sign in to Zoom?

How do I access Zoom through Moodle?

How do I test my audio?

How do I test my video?

How do I chat?

What are hosts and co-hosts?

How do I use Zoom with a Chromebook?

Where can I find help with Zoom?

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a web conferencing application that instructors can use for online lectures, virtual office hours, or group meetings. Occasionally, you'll encounter courses that require you to use this software to interact with your classmates and instructor. 

You can find more Zoom support here:

Where do I download Zoom?

Downloading Zoom will provide you with the best experience for interacting with your instructors and classmates. If you can, we highly recommend you download the zoom application so you can have the smoothest experience with using your microphone, camera, and other features that are only available in the Zoom app.

Download Zoom here (Windows/Mac) (Android) (iOS)

How do I sign in to Zoom?

Open the Zoom app 

  • Step 1: Click "Sign In"

  • Step 2: Click "Sign In with SSO"

  • Step 3: Type "lanecc" into the Company Domain field, then click continue.

  • Step 4: Type your L number and MyLane/Moodle password into the fields, then click login.

Now you'll be securely logged in to Zoom!

How to log into the Zoom website

Logging into the Zoom website allows you to update your profile and manage your settings. This includes adding a photo so other people can recognize you, changing your name, and resetting your password.