Printing a PDF from a Website
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Description: Printing a PDF document from a webpage
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How To Print a PDF from Website

Printing a PDF from Firefox or Chrome:

Both Firefox and Chrome open PDF's in their default PDF viewer. The process is often disrupted during the rendering step. It may show up in the release station but will get lost during the print job itself. The solution to this problem is to download the PDF onto the computer itself and then open it with Adobe Acrobat. 

To ensure that a .pdf document prints correctly, always open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader before you print.

Browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, have built-in PDF viewers. If you are working in Moodle or opening the .pdf document from email, the document will come up in the default PDF viewer for the browser you are using.  This viewer is not Adobe Acrobat Reader. These viewers, though well-intentioned, do not always print the document correctly.  So the result may be a partial document or no printing at all.
The procedure is to use the download arrow at the upper far right of the screen and download to desktop or user’s server drive or thumb drive.  Then open the PDF from desktop or server drive from thumb drive.  When opened from one of these locations, the PDF should open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then you can print it.

Step by Step Print Guide:

You just downloaded a PDF for your class, this is how it should look:

The next step is to press the download button, DO NOT PRESS THE PRINT BUTTON.

Once you print it go to the location of the PDF (please note that the file location may change due to where you saved it). 

Click on PDF to open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is the step when you can print!

Press the little print button in the upper left hand corner, make sure everything looks right and press print! The document you printed should come out at the print center. 

Things to know:

PDF's take longer to print than most other papers. Allow 5 minutes before re-sending the print job. 
If you are charged for a print job that never released, you can request a refund at TitanPrint.

For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:
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