How to Print from your Own Device in the Library using TitanPrint
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Description: A step-by-step guide on how to put documents on hold in TitanPrint (also known as WebPrint) from any device to print in one of the library’s printing stations.

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How to use TitanPrint/WebPrint from any device to print in the library

For information:

  • TitanPrint (also known as WebPrint) can be used with various devices (laptop, computer, mobile devices, etc) from any location on or off campus.

  • TitanPrint will hold your documents up to 24 hours after being uploaded.

  • TitanPrint can also be used to add credit, request a refund, etc.

Uploading your documents to WebPrint

  1. Go to from your browser

  2. Login with your L number and password

  3. Choose Web Print from the sidebar

  4. Click Submit a Job

  5. Choose the first printer (gutenberg\Find-Me-Global (virtual))

    • This option will allow you to print to any printer in the library.

  6. Set up the amount of copies you would like to print and then click Upload Documents

  7. Upload or drag your file(s), and click Upload & Complete

    • Your document should now be on hold for 24 hours in the TitanPrint system.
  8. Go to the library to print your documents (they will be held in the queue for up to 24 hours)

    • If you would like to print with color, print from the printing station located on the left side at the back of the library (CEN232).

    • If you would like to have a black & white copy, print from the printing station on the right side at the back of the library (CEN232).

Note: Please contact the Student Help Desk if you are experiencing issues with TitanPrint. If the system is down, you can also transfer the files to a thumb drive and print at one of the library computers. 

For further help, please contact:

Student Help Desk

(541) 463-3333

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