Moodle - How to Insert Photos
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Description: Instructions on how to insert photos into the Moodle text editor
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How to Insert Photos into Moodle's Text Editor

  1. Click the icon containing the mountain and sun.
  2. Insert image icon in the Moodle text editor.
  3. Select "Browse repositories..."or copy and paste a URL of the picture.
  4. Browse repositories button next to the Enter URL text field
  5. Click "Choose File", select the file from your computer, and click "Upload this file".
  6. Choose file button and upload this file button in the File picker window under Upload a file section..
  7. Adjust the image settings:
    1. In the text box enter a description of your image or if the image is just decorative check the box for "This image is decorative only", below the text box. Note: One of these two options has to be done in order to save the the image.
    2. Adjust the size of your image if you'd like by lowering or increasing one of the two numbers and clicking off into white space. Clicking into the white space will adjust the second number for you when "Auto size" is checked
  8. Image properties window with Image description and image size fields.
  9. Click "Save Image" and you're done!


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