Contact Sheet: Enrolling Non-Credit Students in Moodle Classes
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Description: Contact list for teachers and staff who need to enroll non-credit students in a Moodle class using Banner
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Contact List for Help Enrolling Non-Credit Students in a Moodle Class Using Banner

Some departments, namely CE, ABSE, ESL, and College Now, may have non-credit Moodle classes. In order to access Moodle, the student must have an L number, password and access to ExpressLane. Some department staff in these programs know how to build the Banner records to give access to ExpressLane

The list below are people who know how to build Banner records for students enrolled in non-credit Moodle classes. These same contacts are responsible for issuing L numbers and temporary passwords so if someone . SHED should be responsible for assisting students in changing passwords and troubleshooting problems with Moodle, ExpressLane and other tech services.

Continuing Education 

- Tina Reyes 
Downtown Center

- Jennifer Pearson 
Downtown Center
(541) 463-6118 

- Man Nguyen 
Downtown Center
(541) 463-6108

- Elaine Eiler-Mough
Downtown Center

- Rebecca (Becky) Holloway 
Downtown Center
(541) 463-6104 


- Scott Bell
Building 11 Reception Area 201 (Main Campus)
(541) 463-5063 

- Rosa Lopez 

- Zsuzsanna Malek


All faculty at the ESL offices will know this information:

Other (College Now, ECCO, etc.)

- Pamela (Pam) McClelland 
Building 10 RTEC Admin 207 (Main Campus) 
(541) 463-5521 

For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:
Academic Technology Center
(541) 463-3377

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