How to Submit Final Grades using ExpressLane
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Description: How to submit a course’ final grades into ExpressLane

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Submitting Final Grades into ExpressLane

To enter the final grades of your class, you’ll have to go to the Faculty/Advisor Services tab in ExpressLane and select the Final Grades

The Final Grades web page allows you to enter the final grades for students in your course. However, you will first need to select the Term and CRN for the course if you have not already done so.

See information about the column headers on the Final Grades screen below this image.


IMPORTANT: Note the time limit warning on this page. Although set to 45 minutes in this illustration, the actual time is still under discussion. The time you logged on is given in the top right corner. After too many minutes of inactivity, you are returned to the User Login page, so click “submit” to save grades often.


Information about the course appears above the list of student names. Clicking on the linked title of the course will take you to the catalog entry for the course.

Student names are listed in alphabetical order, with a sequential number before each name. Student names link their contact information as submitted in Banner. Each student’s record shows the number of credits for which he or she is registered in the course.

Credits - Shows the number of credits for which a student is registered in this course. Instructors are not able to change the number of credits. Students in variable credit courses may do this individually as long as course registration is open.

Registration status - displays the date when students officially entered the course and the method of registration (web registration means through ExpressLane).

Grade - shows the student’s final grade in the course (or a blank if not yet graded).

Rolled - shows whether a student’s grade has been shifted to their permanent academic record yet or not. This takes place within 24 hours of grade submission

Last Attend Date - Instructors must fill in a last date of attendance for students who receive a failing (F, NP) grade for a course.

Attend hours - ignore this field unless you have been instructed by your department to include this information.

Registration Number denotes the order in which students originally registered for the course.


Entering Grades

Select Grade - For each student, click the drop-down arrow in the Grades column and choose the applicable grade from the list.

Click here for a list of Grade Definitions.


Grades must be entered individually. You are not required to enter grades for the entire class at the same time. You can change the grades for students on this screen until the grades are administratively rolled into the permanent record, which will happen each night during the grading period. You can reopen the Final Grade worksheet and enter grades for additional students as often as you want before the final grading deadline.

NOTE: Do not leave any grades blank - you must enter a grade for every student before the end of the grading period. 

NOTE: If the only options available are A, A+, I, NP and P, this means the student changed the grading scale to Pass/No Pass. Anything above a failing grade and below an A would be considered "P", while anything below that would be "NP". If the only option available is a “U” grade, this means the student has audited the course and will not receive a letter grade.

If you enter a grade of NP or F, you will not be able to submit or save grades without also entering the date last attended. Last date of attendance must be filled in as Month/Day/Year format with two characters in Month and Day and four in year (ex: 01/01/2019 for January 1, 2019) for students who have failed a course.

NOTE: If you want to confirm that the grades were saved (prior to submitting them) just exit/reopen or refresh the Final Grades worksheet for the class. If the grades are still there, then they were saved to the server.

 Submit - after you enter grades and other appropriate information, clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the screen saves and submits your grades, even when an alert message (indicated by a yellow triangle or circle) is displayed.

NOTE: When you submit the grades, ignore any message that a student has not withdrawn, which is connected with the Last Date Attended field.

 Reset - do not click the Reset button at the bottom of the worksheet unless you want to empty ALL the grades and start with a blank worksheet. If you reset your worksheet by mistake, exit the worksheet without submitting.


Changing Grades

 You can reenter the grading worksheet and change a student's grade until it is posted the next morning.

 Once the grade has been posted to academic history, however, it cannot be changed by an instructor on the web. For information on how to change a grade after the posting, see the Grade Change Procedure.

Confirmation of Grade Submission

 After you have submitted the grades, you will see a message stating "The changes you made were saved successfully."

 When the grades have been rolled (placed on a student’s transcript and available for them to view), the screen will look like this, with an additional “Rolled” column:


 Grades cannot be changed at this point.

Students will be able to see their grades as soon as they have been posted by Enrollment Services the following morning. Grades will show after each part of term session is completed rather than all at the end of the term.

For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:

Academic Technology Center

(541) 463-3377 

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