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Description: Steps to add the ATC as an instructor/teacher user to a course.

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How to Add ATC to your Course for Moodle Support

You can add the ATC to your course under the role of Moodle Support if you think you will need support during the term. We will not look at your course unless we have permission from you to do so.

  1. In your course, click on the three lines in the top left hand corner, this will bring down the navigation menu.
    Click on Participants.
    Navigation menu in Moodle highlighting the second option in the list labeled 'Participation.'
  2. Select Enroll Users in the right hand corner of the main box.
    Page titled 'Participants' with a list of students, their ID numbers, assigned roles, and groups, and a button that says 'Enroll users'.
  3. Under Select users, search for the ATC (Academic Technology ATC).
    Page titled 'Enrolment options' with a search menu. Inside the search menu is the text 'Academic Technology ATC.'
  4. Once you’ve selected the ATC, change role to Moodle Support.
    'Enrolment options' page. User 'Academic Technology ATC' is selected. An arrow points to role assignment 'Moodle Support' in a drop-down menu.
  5. Click Enroll Users in the bottom corner. The ATC now has access to your course.

For further help please contact:

Academic Technology Center

(541) 463-3377


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