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Description: Describes what WalkMe is and how it can help teachers and students better navigate Moodle and other software.
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WalkMe - The Walkthrough App

What is WalkMe?

WalkMe is a self-installed application that gives you walkthroughs for common websites. You can create walkthroughs for students or use previously made walkthroughs to help you understand different software in a user-friendly way. You can learn more about WalkMe and what it can do for you by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eADdUSJsB4

How can I learn about WalkMe for Moodle? 
You can learn about WalkMe for Moodle by using this link: https://www.walkme.com/platform/moodle/

For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:
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