Online File Storage Systems for Lane Staff/Faculty
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Description: Overview of online storage options for Staff/Faculty

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Online File Storage Systems for Lane Staff/Faculty

College managed storage systems that can be accessed remotely via the internet (off campus)

Google Drive

Intended Use:

Google Drive provides a platform for Google docs, MS Office files and other files to be accessible from anywhere on the internet. Store and organize documents and files in folders and allow others to share access. If you want to share files on a larger scale, use a “Team Drive” to create a traditional centralized file storage system. 

Preferred Use:

With the exception of video files, any content in your course that cannot be hosted inside of Moodle should be hosted within Google Drive - support will be easier to find than any other third-party storage solution because LCC officially supports Google Drive as an option.

For more information on what host to choose for your files, see this article: Media Hosting - Decision Guide 


Open a browser page to Google, or navigate to Log in using your G Suite account and password. Need a college GSuite account? — claim one now.


Intended Use:

To be used within Moodle, to upload and create video content for presentation. Use the Kaltura module found under the Add an activity or resource list. It also has its own captioning service staffed by humans, as opposed to the automatically generated captions that YouTube provides by default.


Access Kaltura through your Moodle class website by using the Kaltura Video Resource module when adding a video to your course. 

For captioning needs, send your video files to and include a brief description of what you need and where you need the media to go in your course.


Intended Use:

YouTube is a website that allows you to upload and share videos. Similar to Google Drive files, these videos can be made public or private, or made accessible only to those who have a link.


Open a web browser and navigate to Log in using your G Suite account and password.

Older/Depreciated Storage Options


Intended Use:

Filehost is a Lane Community College specific file syncing and sharing service, running on an application called OwnCloud. It is a application that we manage ourselves, on our own hardware. OwnCloud's sync applications keep your files synced across many platforms like, Mac, Windows, Android, or Apple iOS. To manage sharing files, and single file uploads, simply login from any web browser.


To access, click on enter your L# and password.

LaneDrive / Filr

Intended Use:

Filr allows faculty access to many shared folders within their department on LCC departmental servers. Filr allows access to network files  from outside the college.

This is not the same storage system as FileHost - instructors and faculty who have been previously using FileHost are recommended to continue using it as before, especially for Moodle related storage. Filr can be accessed from outside of the LCC network at


Click on the link to access Filr. Login with your Network user name and password, not your L number and password.

For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:

Academic Technology Center

(541) 463-3377

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