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Description: Tips for updating and managing your entry in the LaneBook Employee Directory
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Updated 03/8/2017

 Here is a link to the Employee Directory found on the Lane website.

Topic List

  1. Address, Phone and Email
  2. Included or Not Included In the Directory
  3. Login and Navigation
  4. Name, Department & Office Hours
  5. Profile Photos
  6. Problems

Address, Phone and Email

My room number is wrong, how do I change it?

Update your campus address in MyLane.  Follow directions in Updating Your Office Location in MyLane/Employee Directory.

My phone number is wrong, how do I fix it.

Update your campus address in MyLane.  Follow directions in Updating your Campus Phone Number in MyLane/Employee Directory

Note: Your office location and phone numbers are tied together. If you do not enter an office location, but do enter a phone number, the phone number will NOT show up.

How do I change the email address displayed in the directory?Log into myLane.

Go to Personal Information -> View/Update E-mail Address(es) and update your preferred (CHECKED) address. Note, your address will always be shown. You must check a preferred address for it to be listed in the employee directory.

My campus address does not show up in the Employee Directory.  How can I add it?

You need to add a Campus Address in your MyLane Personal Information profile.   Please add a campus address, following instructions in Adding a Campus Address In MyLane/Employee Directory.


Included or Not Included In the Directory

What if I don’t want my name in the directory?

There is a Copps Employee Directory policy that describes the procedure to remove your name from the directory if you have safety concerns.

I am not in the directory.  How do I get added?

There are three reasons why you may not show up in the Employee Directory:

  1. You have selected to Restrict Directory Information in MyLane.  Visit the Student Information Release screen in MyLane to check or change this. 
  2. You have opted out of, or been removed from the OLD Employee Directory.  Use the exclusion form from the COPPS Emplyee Directory policy to change this.
  3. You do not belong to one of the included employee categories.  Check the list of included categories in the Copps Employee Directory policy.

I don’t see any student workers in the directory?

Student workers are not in the directory because of FERPA restrictions.


Login and Navigation

Why can't I log in?

Please contact the help desk.

How do I get back to the campus department list?

Click on the large text entitled “Search the Employee Directory."

Can I search by discipline or area?

Not with this version.  This feature might be included in a future release.


Name, Department & Office Hours

How can I edit my office hours?

Log into the directory via the Edit/View your Directory Profile link in the footer of every page in the directory. If you have one office, just enter your hours in the text box, and click save. If you have more than one office, then there should be a text box per office. Edit each office's hours individually.

The directory shows a department I no longer work in.  How do I fix it?

Email the admin in that department and ask her to close your old PAF.

My name is wrong, how do I fix it?

You can edit your preferred first name in MyLane.  Your last name is as shown on your payroll record: See Payroll Information/Social Security Card.


Profile Photos

How do I update my picture?

Log into the directory via the Edit/View your Directory Profile link in the footer of every page in the directory. Use the edit photo form on that page. You photo will not upload if it is more than 200px wide or more than 60kb.

How do I remove my directory photo?

Log into the directory via the Edit/View your Directory Profile link in the footer of every page in the directory. Click the red remove photo button on this page.

Can I put any photo I want as my picture?

Please use a professional picture.

I don’t have a picture of myself.  Is there any way I can take one on campus?

We will be taking pictures at Spring In-Service.   You can also ask a colleague to take a picture with a smart phone or camera and then upload it yourself as described in 2) above.



It won't let me upload a photo, or it uploads and my photo doesn't show up. Why?

First, check these possibilities: a) Picture is > 200 pixels wide, b) Picture file is > 60kb in size, c) You need to wait longer.  Then, send us your photo and L# via the Feedback form.

Why isn't my change showing? 

Changes to data can take anywhere from 20 - 60 minutes to propagate.  If you make a change, just wait a few hours before thinking it isn't going to show up. If your changes do not show up in the directory after two hours, please request assistance using the Provide feedback and bug reports link at the bottom of every page in the Employee Directory.



For further help, click on Live Help, leave a ticket, or contact:
Academic Technology Center
(541) 463-3377

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